Maria Jose Echeverria


Int'l Project Manager / Senior Consultant


Bring my knowledge and experience in the areas of management (strategy, direction, client and third parties relationshipmanagement), human relations (staff management, intra- and inter-enterprise collaborations, etc) and information systems(industry experience, trained in group technologies, involved in the development of a utility data management and reportingsystem). With a high analytical capability and a special focus on problems’ resolutions from organisational, commercial andstrategic standpoints, I particularly enjoy a group’s commitment working towards common goals. For, I present a marked attitudetowards collaboration. Learning and teaching (two parts of the same reality) is also another characteristic of my profile.

Professional Experiences



Since December 2009
Irún - Spain

Assisting in the set up of two small scale businesses

Integration Consultant

Energy Management Brokers ltd

From May Till November 2009
London - United Kingdom

Working with the board on an acquisition project of the company’s main UK basedcompetitor; and participating in the preparation and launch of the integration plan to unite both businesses.Reporting into the C.E.O. and the M.D..

Head of Dptmt "Bureau Services"

Energy Management Brokers Ltd

From December 2007 Till May 2009
London - United Kingdom
  • Set up of a new department with staff based in the UK and Romania, involving training;
  • Development of a utility data management software – Project management, working across variousdepartments to support the business analyst in the requirements gathering;
  • Defining high level processes and implementing KPI’s (improvements, monitoring);
  • Ensuring service delivery to customers across Europe.

Continuous interactions with internal departments as well as with institutions and companies from the industry.

European Relationship Manager

Energy Management Brokers Ltd

From October 2004 Till November 2007
London - United Kingdom
  • Ensuring service delivery – specially in Southern Europe and UK;
  • Coordinating tasks with other departments – Project management;
  • Developing clients’ procurement policies and energy purchasing strategies;
  • Customer relationship management with commercial re-signs, meetings, workshops, presentations.

Daily use of foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian).

Corporate Sales Account Manager

EMC Documentum

From May Till October 2004
London - United Kingdom

Managing clients whose budget per order would be <= $50'000. (clientsfrom three regions: France, Spain and Portugal).

Account Manager

Celesta mBusiness Oy

From March 2001 Till February 2004
Oulu - Finland

Account Manager covering three regions: France, Spain and Portugal. Developing indirect sales channel signing downsuccessfully agreements. Pro-active and innovative attitude - 1st mobile project sold on Pocket PC platform and1st project on Nokia serie-60 phones.

Note: based 2 months in Oulu (Finland), 1 year in Paris (France) and 2 years in Madrid (Spain).

Business Development

Republica Oy

From June 1999 Till February 2001
Jyväskylä - Finland

Business development: participation in trade fairs/shows, meeting business partners, preparing products’ factsheets (technical specifications). Expansion into the US market and market development in Europe.

Educational Background

MBA in International Management

Royal Holloway University of London

December 2010
London - United Kingdom

Thesis « Exploring a new way of employees’ engagement».

Msc in Management Sciences

Université de Montesquieu - Bordeaux IV

June 1999
Bordeaux - France

2nd year at the University of Tampere (Finland). Erasmus Program.

Bachelor in Business Administration

IUT de Bayonne

June 1996
Bayonne - France

Major: Finance/Accounting.

5 months at the University of Limerick (Ireland). Erasmus Program.


Project Management

  • Defining specifications, planning, directing, coordinating
  • Defining KPI’s
  • Coaching
  • Communication and reporting (including dashboards)
  • Active involvement in the development project of an I.S.
  • Develop. and following up on an integration plan (M&A)
  • Tools: MS Project, Excel, Nimbus
  • Methods: Gantt, Fisher, BCG, financial ratios, Demartinimethod (coaching), others
  • Providing internal training on a service, a tool (the new I.S.)and specific markets (in regards to energy)


  • Involvement in the development of a department
  • In charge of launching and developing a department
  • Involved in the evaluation of a company (M&A op.)
  • Soft skills such as creating cohesion within a company
  • Staff management (in-situ, delocalised) – appraisals,recruitments, training plans
  • Defining workflows / processes and organigrams
  • Preparing and updating dashboards (internal and external)
  • Managing a budget and department specific turn-over
  • Preparing business plans
  • Preparing purchasing policies and purchasing strategies

Client & 3rd Parties Relationship Management

  • Client portfolio of all sizes and all industries
  • Overseeing the delivery of sold services
  • Sales strategy / commercial development
  • Workshops, presentations
  • Developing the indirect sales channel
  • Pre-sales support provided to third parties
  • Third parties relationship management and development,negotiations



  • Professional experience in different European countries(Finland, France, Spain, England)
  • Managing clients / third parties based in different countries(Europe, United States)
  • Promotional activities abroad (conferences and trade shows)
  • High level of adaptability to the different cultures

Computer skills

  • MS Office - advanced, MS Project - intermediate 
  • Creation of websites on HTML ; knowledge of XML, SGML
  • Statistical programs: SAS, SPSS
  • Others: CRM (SAGE, Lotus Notes), ERP (simulator OperationsTrainer), Groupware (Teamware Flow, Workflow BPR, etc).












Personal Interests

Martial Art

Practise Karate-do since 1990.

Study of human behaviour

Trained on the Demartini method.

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